Recovery Help for Downtown Cleveland’s Small Businesses

July 30, 2020

During these stressful times, Cleveland is steadily working on getting to the other side of the pandemic. But just as our definition of “normal” is shifting, recovery could also prove to be an ongoing, unpredictable endeavor. To that end a plan from Cleveland’s mayor, Frank Jackson, aims to minimize suffering and help the city bounce back. His goal is to better position individuals and businesses to take advantage of available aid and making sure that Clevelanders are better off for these efforts.

But amid the city’s reopening, another setback arose. On May 30, news reports from around the country spurred local citizens to exercise their right to protest. Unfortunately, some individuals used the protests as an opportunity to incite violence and damage property. Tensions ran high and dozens of downtown businesses were damaged. This wave of destruction compounded the devastating financial blows already inflicted by the pandemic. 

Mayor Jackson expressed the city’s duty to support Cleveland’s small businesses and devised a plan to absorb a portion of repair costs. In cooperation with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and Cuyahoga County, the city will be working to identify affected businesses. The city will then offer grants to cover $25,000 per small business or up to 25% of a company’s out-of-pocket expenses. Funds are intended to help with deductibles and repairs not covered by insurance policies. Additional aid will likely be available from the county and other partnering organizations. 

Priority will be given to helping small, minority- and woman-owned businesses. If you are a business owner looking for assistance we’d recommend keeping an eye on the Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s website for more information.

Allies in Recovery

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