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James, Michael, and John Althans of Althans Insurance

Althans is a large Midwest agency licensed in all 50 states providing risk management, insurance, bonding, benefit programs and financial services. Our client base includes manufacturers, contractors,  distributors/wholesalers, transportation carriers, professional services and financial institutions. Since 1925, we have been making history, while many of our competitors have become history. A man with one simple philosophy founded Althans Insurance: To provide each customer with professional services that include a personal touch. The number of long-time loyal customers that often span for several generations measures our success. That man was Arthur J. Althans, and the year was 1925. Shortly thereafter, his brother, Carl W. Althans, joined him. Since then, Althans Insurance has grown into one of the largest full service agencies in Northeast Ohio. Althans Insurance is now a fourth generation business – a rarity not only in the insurance world, but also in the business world in general.

Year after year, we have simply outperformed the industry, and in the last 25 years, our size has increased several fold. That growth is a testament to the strongly held principles of professionalism and personal service upon which our agency was founded.

Unlike the national insurance brokers, the agents at Althans are involved in all phases of insurance: property and liability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, personal insurance, surety bonds and alternative risk transfer programs. This approach can help to eliminate gaps that can exist with multiple insurance advisors. It is also part of what makes our turnaround time faster than that of national insurance brokers. We provide the same consistent level of effort for every business and individual customers, from individual auto insurance customers to those businesses requiring global capabilities.

What Sets Us Apart

Althans Insurance operates with a team approach.

  • Our team has over 400 years of combined insurance experience
  • Many of our agents hold the Chartered Property Casualty and Chartered Life designation
  • We are aggressive: our aggressiveness produces innovative programs with better pricing
  • We are a full service agency, which we define as, "Do everything well"

Why Insurance Carriers We Prefer, Prefer Us

  • Because of our volume and quality of clientele, we enjoy preferential treatment from our carriers when negotiating coverages and pricing
  • Our professionalism in managing accounts
  • Our integrity when dealing with the carriers and insureds
  • Our insurance knowledge and what we bring to the table

Technology Solutions

Document Imaging
Althans Insurance Agency has been a "paperless office" since 2003, when we implemented a state-of-the-art document imaging system. This electronic filing system allows us to instantly view client information enhancing our efficiency and providing first rate customer service.

Online Medical Application Process (FormFire)
This technology simplifies the process of applying for medical coverage by providing a single, secure point of entry. It enables employees to provide information one time, online, which can then be forwarded to multiple insurance carriers. The information is then saved in a secure environment for the employee to update the following year.

Technology for increased privacy
HIPAA has brought in an era of more stringent privacy laws regarding Personal Health Information (PHI). Althans Insurance has enhanced technology to ensure our compliance with these laws. We have encrypted email for sending sensitive information. Our data files have access that is limited (by user name and password). Our IT personnel regularly monitor our system firewalls, virus scanning software, and spam filters ensuring that personal health information remains secure.

Risk Management

  • We provide risk management, engineering, and consulting services
  • We provide consulting services for business, health, life, and disability programs
  • We review competing proposals and can recommend the best program to meet your needs

Added Advantages When Doing Business With Althans

  • We offer a Construction Division with over 75 years of combined experience
  • We can provide all forms of construction insurance
  • Offering 15 different sureties for every size and type of contractor
  • We've initiated a Green Insurance Program - People, Profit, and Planet
  • Our Group Health insurance enjoys preferential treatment when negotiating pricing
  • We offer Equine Mortality insurance
  • An in-house Claims Department
  • We have the authority to settle claims on the spot

Our facilities match our standards of service and professionalism. We occupy our own 15,000 square foot office, which is home to a state of the art computer system. In fact, we helped to pilot this system that is now used by insurance agencies across the country.