How To File A Claim

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  1. Call the police to report the incident/accident. Whether it is a burglary, theft, or car accident, the police will be there to make sure you and others are safe.

    If it is a homeowner’s claim, you will need to fill out a Proof of Loss Statement and list items that were stolen or damaged along with the replacement cost. Your claims professional will be able to supply this to you.

    If it is auto accident, the police will make sure that ambulances or emergency services are there to handle injuries and will also be instrumental in case other party (s) become difficult. Record the name and badge # of the officer that responded to the incident. Also, record the location, weather conditions, and time of day of the accident.

  2. Call your insurance agency as soon as possible to report the incident/accident. Gather as many facts, photos, reports, and any other information related to the event. The more information you have, the better the claims department will be able to help you and avoid delays.

  3. If you are one of Althans insureds, please call our claims department directly at (440) 893-3126. The claims professional is there to answer any questions. If the incident/accident occurred after hours or on a weekend, call the insurance carrier to report the accident and then follow up with Althans Claims Department the following business day. Please reference phone numbers, as they pertain to you, for after hours:

    Acuity Claims (800) 242-7666

    Central Claims (888) 263-2924 / Glass Claims (800) 988-9808

    Chubb (800) 252-4670  

    Cincinnati Claims (888) 242-8811 / Glass Claims (877) 588-4527 

    CNA Claims (800) 251-5852

     Hanover (800) 628-0250 

    The Hartford Claims (800) 553-1710 / Glass Claims (877) 687-1279

    Liberty Mutual Claims (800) 362-0000

    Progressive (800) 274-4499 / Glass Claims (855) 258-2885

    State Auto (800) 766-1853 / Glass Claims (800) 766-1853

    Travelers (800) 832-7839 / Glass Claims (800) 972-3541

    Westfield Claims (866) 937-2663 / glass claims (800) 810-3665

  4. Get the name and contact information of all parties involved, vehicle information, insurance information, and if possible – photos.

  5. Get a copy of the police report to have on hand, your insurance company/adjuster will need this. Reference FAQ for information on obtaining a copy of police report.

  6. Once your claim has been reported, it will be investigated by an assigned adjuster to evaluate the facts and determine the dollar amount of loss or damages. Your policy will be reviewed, at which time payment is arranged.